The privacy of all members is crucial to the way we provide member information now and in the future. As a result we have decided that it is no longer a safe practice to print names, phone numbers and email addresses in the roster. Employees can no longer provide telephone and email addresses to you directly, but may pass along messages on your behalf.

Member contact information is available through our website's secure portal and members are granted access through sign-on credentials. You can search by first or last name when you log in > Home > Membership Documents > Roster. If you require assistance finding the online roster, drop by the front desk and one of our Reception staff would be happy to walk you through this. Members have the option to "opt out" of having their contact information included in the online member directory.

If you have any questions or concerns about our personal information management practices or about our management of your personal information, please contact our General Manager, David Main, at 416.922.1105, ext. 230 or by email at

44 Price Street Toronto, Ontario M4W 1Z4 T 416 922 1105