INDOOR CYCLING (all levels) An indoor cycle class designed for members of all fitness levels. Participants have the ability to adjust the level of difficulty by increasing or decreasing the speed and resistance of their stationary bike. Work on your cardiovascular endurance while recreating an outdoor ride with this always popular class.

SPIN (all levels) This is a high energy, fun and fabulous workout! From the moment you walk in and get onto your bike, the journey begins. The music will have you singing along and getting lost during this high intensity interval based class. You’ll leave with refreshed, glowing and full of positive energy that will stay with you throughout the day. Pay it forward and sweat it out!

CORE FUSION PILATES (all levels) This class combines the core techniques of Pilates, dance conditioning and yoga. It is a full body, low impact yet challenging workout performed to music that isolates the deepest layer of abs, tones, tightens and transforms the body.

MYOFASCIAL STRETCH AND RELEASE A unique class combining stretches and foam rolling performed to release muscle tightness, trigger points and fascia. This class will aid in the recovery of muscles and help them return to normal function. You will leave class with your muscles will feeling more elastic, healthy and ready to perform.

FLOW & RESTORE YOGA (all levels) A perfect combination of gentle vinyasa yoga movement to awaken the body and stress relieving restorative yoga poses using props to provide comfort and support. A wonderful way to start your Sunday morning and prepare for the busy week ahead.

PILATES (all levels) A full hour of non-impact movements and body conditioning aids in building flexibility, muscle strength, and endurance. Emphasis will be on proper spinal alignment, breathing and developing a strong core while improving coordination and balance. Exercises can be modified for beginners making it great for all levels and allowing for the intensity to be increased over time as the body adapts.

RESTORATIVE YOGA (all levels) This class involves various poses often held for several minutes while the body is fully supported with props. This facilitates a deep release of stress and tension, providing healing for the body and mind. A deeply nourishing experience.

SUNRISE YOGA- Wake up with some gentle stretching followed by a series of invigorating yoga flow poses to prepare your mind and body for the day. Breathe, energize and relax in order to set a positive tone for the rest of your day, all before the sun comes up!

YIN YOGA (all levels) A slow-paced gentle yet challenging practice of poses or asanas held for a period of time allowing for a deep muscle tissue and fascia stretch. Postures will be taught slower with great attention to detail, and a focus on teaching basic actions.

YIN/YANG YOGA (all levels) This class begins with a flow style ‘yang’ practice focusing on stretching, strengthening and toning muscle. The second half of the class will focus on the deep, connective tissue stretching of the ‘Yin’ style practice during which postures will be heeled for several minutes. A perfect balance of strengthening, stretching and relaxing poses to end your day.

YOGA BALANCE (all levels) Balance both gentle strengthening postures as well as deep relaxing stretches in this well rounded yoga class. Incorporates standing and seated poses and is suitable for all levels.

YOGA FLOW (all levels) A dynamic form of yoga based on the Ashtanga and Vinyasa traditions involving a carefullyconstructed balance of sun salutations, postures, balances, bends, twists, inversions, meditation and rest, thus connecting mind with body, movements with breath, to create awareness, strength, endurance, flexibility and peace of mind.

YOGA FIT A unique fusion of elements of yoga, fitness and pilates designed to tone your body, alleviate stress, energize the mind and align the body. Through a fluid synchronization of movement and breath, you will find yourself building strength, increasing flexibility and learning how to manage the demands of daily life with clarity and ease.

POWER YOGA (intermediate/advanced) A challenging workout that keeps your body moving. It is an athletic based style of yoga that focuses on a unique blend of postures that are held for a longer period of time thus stimulating your heart and your muscles while focusing on strength and flexibility.

BALLET BOOTCAMP (all levels) Combination of classical ballet technique with contemporary athletic fitness conditioning to give you the long, lean, sculpted physique of a dancer. Improves coordination, posture, flexibility and core stability while expanding your body awareness.

HIIT BOOTCAMP (advanced/intermediate) HITT stands for High intensity interval training. This total body conditioning bootcamp is designed using alternating bursts of short intense anaerobic exercises with less intense active recovery periods. It is the perfect blend of cardio and strength training all in one intense hour. This full body, fat burning, muscle building class that will help you get stronger, faster and leaner in record time.

RBX (intermediate/advanced) This customized cardio based kickboxing class with a creative mix of boxing punches and cardiovascular exercises to upbeat contemporary music combines high impact cardiovascular exercises, interval calisthenics, classic boxing techniques and drills keeping you challenged and motivated.

STABILITY BALL (all levels) Focuses on increasing core stabilization, strength and balance by training with the stability ball, weights, tubing and body bars. Challenge your body and develop abdominal and lower back strength all while participating in a total body workout.

TOTAL BODY CONDITIONING (all levels) An hour of muscular conditioning using weights to train for muscular endurance. The focus is on functional exercises, moving the body in a coordinated way, and hitting all muscle groups. Short rest periods in between sets, guaranteeing an increase in heart rate and muscle burn. Finishing off with a relaxing stretch for those hard worked muscles.

TRX CIRCUIT (Intermediate/Advanced) Take your TRX training to the next level in this high intensity circuit class. Work through numerous circuits on and off of the TRX mixing things up to challenge the body and constantly keep them guessing. Participants will use the TRX in combination with floor and weighted exercises allowing individuals to take their training
to the next level and really push themselves.

ZUMBA (all levels) Come sweat it out to the rhythms of Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Bachata, Reggaeton, Calypso, and other Latin Beats! No dance experience necessary. Ditch the Workout, Join the Party”.

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