The Toronto Lawn Tennis Club offers a wide variety of fun and educational programs for Junior Members ranging in age from 18 months to 15 years. These programs have been carefully designed to help toddlers, children and teens gain the confidence and social skills necessary to succeed in an energized environment. Physical activities encourage balance, coordination, strength, timing and endurance, while events held at the Lawn offer them the chance to have fun while their parents work out, take advantage of the Lawn's many adult functions, or simply enjoy a quiet dinner in the dining room.
• Tumbling Tots • Dances
• Music and Movement • Theme Parties (Masquerade, Halloween, etc.)
• Ballet Bunnies • Pool Parties
• Skill building for Tots • Birthday Parties
• Sportball • Gingerbread Houses
• Martial Arts • Sports Nights
• Hip Hop • Movie Nights
• Yoga • Freaky Fridays
• Fashion • Foosball Competitions
• Seasonal Activity Camps • Pajama Party
• Squash Camps & Tournaments • Seminars, Tutoring Classes
• Tennis Camps & Tournaments  

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