With programs and facilities for all ages and interests, membership at “The Lawn” is a family affair. In addition to world-class outdoor and indoor tennis facilities, we have singles and doubles squash courts, a fitness centre and wellness centre, swimming during the summer, social clubs for adults, and a wide range of offerings for children and teens, from hip hop to fencing to martial arts. With so much going on, it’s no wonder the Club bustles with activity all year round.

When you become a member of the Club, you’re joining generations of Torontonians who have made it a long-standing family tradition—one they’re eager to share with relatives and proud to show off to friends. With our first-rate amenities, dash of Old World charm, and convenient yet secluded central location, “The Lawn” is unique—one of Toronto’s best-kept secrets. Members new and old cherish the warm and friendly atmosphere they find within our ivy-covered walls. New members immediately feel at home, enjoying the quality and responsiveness of our Member Services and the relaxed, casual ambiance that is a hallmark of the Club. They also like the fact that membership at “The Lawn” gives them access to more than 80 other exclusive clubs worldwide.

Why not begin a family tradition of your own by becoming a member of The Toronto Lawn Tennis Club? Take the first step today by finding out more.

FOR MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION CONTACT Membership Director, Linda at 416-922-1105 ext. 241 or

44 Price Street Toronto, Ontario M4W 1Z4 T 416 922 1105