The Toronto Lawn Tennis Club offers its members an outdoor 22 m, 5 lane swimming pool which is open in the Spring/Summer season. Members can enjoy being outdoors where they can choose to relax or dip in the pool for a fun swim.

Throughout the season, aquafit classes, Red Cross Swim lessons, and technique courses are offered for both Juniors and Adult members.

The TLTC also offers the pool as another venue for the members to hold their private functions during the summer to celebrate and enjoy the outdoors.

AQUATOTS This is a class for both parents and tots. An instructor leads parents in teaching the child the basics of getting comfortable in the water and learning to swim.

AQUAQUEST RED CROSS SWIMMING LESSONS These lessons will be offered at levels 1-12. All lessons are private or semi-private and can be arranged at your convenience with one of the guards.

ROOKIE, RANGER, AND STAR PATROL These classes can be taught privately or semi-privately. They teach lifesaving skills to swimmers who have completed Aquaquest level 9 or higher. These courses are excellent preparation for Bronze Star, Medallion and Cross.

BRONZE STAR Bronze Star is a pre-Bronze Medallion training standard and is excellent preparation for the other Bronze levels. Bronze star participants develop decision making and problem solving skills. It is now a pre-requisite for Bronze Medallion.

BRONZE MEDALLION This course is a prerequisite for Bronze Cross and NLS. Participants must be either 13+ or have completed Bronze Star.

BRONZE CROSS Bronze Cross is a challenging award where participants receive more advanced training in life-saving. It is a prerequisite for NLS and Leaders. To take this level, candidates must have completed Bronze Medallion and Emergency First Aid.

THE MARATHON SWIM The marathon swim is a race running from June 1st to August 31st. The challenge is to swim 2000 lengths. There are prizes for the top 3 finishers in the Senior and Junior divisions. You can sign up by leaving your name with any of the pool guards.

AQUAFIT Water exercise enhances your strength, flexibility and endurance. Aquafit is a popular activity for both athletes and fitness enthusiasts as it provides an opportunity to workout without the risk of injuries from impact. The water also provides a massaging effect on the body reducing post-workout muscle soreness. Each class is designed to focus on the important concepts of muscle and joint balance, core strength and stability as well as cardio work and stretching. In an aquafit class you are constantly working against the resistance of the water, which challenges your muscles, heart and lungs all at the same time. Drop in to any aquafitness class at the TLTC (no pre-registration required) to experience what a fun-filled challenge it really is and find out the benefits for yourself, or preregister for the season.

POOL PARTIES Pool parties may be booked through Alecia Letman at ext. 301 or juniorprograms@torontolawn.com


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