PERSONAL TRAINING (For All Levels & Goals) Personal training is the best way to help individuals adhere to a fitness program by providing one-on-one attention and ensuring optimum results. All levels of fitness are accommodated. Our trainers will assist you in the areas of sports conditioning, weight management, mind and body wellness and special populations. Your trainer will work with your strengths and limitations. They will also create an effective and safe routine with variety and challenge while achieving your fitness goals. Please do not hesitate to call us when you are ready to get personal with exercise.

FITNESS ASSESSMENT Get the bottom line on your fitness level. We provide a number of specialized fitness assessments to help you set your training goals and track your progress. The following fitness components are evaluated: body composition, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, and movement performance screens. Your assessment will address your fitness goals and determine the frequency, intensity, duration and exercise mode.

FITNESS PROGRAM Prefer to fly solo? Maximize your potential with a customized exercise program from a member of our team. Our trainers can provide a safe and effective workout targeted to your fitness level, abilities and interests. Also, we will provide you with a log in which to track your progress and make it easier to review and modify by our staff at a later time. Please note a Fitness Assessment and 1-2 program demonstration sessions are required prior to receiving a Fitness Program to ensure all exercise prescribed are done properly and with good form for your safety.


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